Chilli Gin

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Chilli Gin



Infused with the finest of Bird’s Eye Chillies, this spectacular limited edition gin has been described as “crazy good”, “like a big warm and spicy hug”, “the gift that keeps on giving”.

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Hot but cold and wow!I love this gin, my favourite of the Death Gin range. It packs some heat but doesn’t burn the palette or diminish the flavour.. imagine the sensation of a hot chilli but in a cool refreshing drink. Pair it with lime and a decent tonic and you’re in for a treat!


Can’t get enough!Amazingly spicy gin. Perfect for a White Lady cocktail!


Death gin This gin is fantastic.. as a gin lover I have tasted many, and love this over ice with a slice of orange, a sprig of coriander and topped with tonic water.
Just enough but not too much chilli, a perfect infusion and you definitely have a repeat customer..
Also, fast and helpful response to my initial enquire on your Facebook page. Thank you!


A real pleasure A well rounded, smooth and comforting. A great flavour that easily pleases all who partake

Shane Coils

Chilli ginLoved it. Nice chilli hit. Makes dirty martini’s interesting.

Stephanie Angus

YumGreat bottle design, love the whole chilli in the gin, quick delivery, this is appropriate to have as a meal replacement right??


Phenomenal First time trying and holy moley! Absolutely delicious! Spiced negroni and a simple H&M is taken to the next level with this gin. Will absolutely be ordering again!

Barb Ford

WowFirst sniff cleared the nostrils 😉 then the taste ! Wow absolutely love this chillie gin . Best of the range for me ✅


To die for 💀Great tasting gin. The chilli is very subtle. As a chilli addict I would like more heat so next time I will try the stronger chilli gin. Having said that I still absolutely love it as do my friends who imbibed with me.

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