You have joined us at the place where banal and curious interrogatives come to roost. Please read our painstakingly letter pressed responses before you ask.
Where is my parcel?

Deliveries may be a bit slower than usual as we work with our delivery partner to ensure the health and safety of their staff. We can assure you the package has left our warehouse, as we are packing up a storm to dispatch your orders ASAP to minimize delays on our end. Your parcel may look like it has not moved on your tracking reference – it’s definitely left our warehouse and it’s on it’s way to you! We’re sure you’re all desperate for a drink, and we’re so humbled to be to share our spirits with you and we wholeheartedly appreciate your patience and support.

Is your gin gluten free/vegan/nut free?

We begin with an amazingly neutral grape-based spirit and begin to infuse it with an intricate recipe of 20 different botanical ingredients – half being native to Australia and half being classical to the style of Gin – which of course means: plenty of Juniper!

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