Alive & Smokin

December 8, 2020

This is a Death Gin Coffee winner – coffee, cola, but with a little complexity! The smokiness of this amazing beverage makes you instantly feel grown-up, refined and maybe even a little bit hipster.

The folks at Strangelove make magical mixers that can truly make a beverage come alive! This cola they make from scratch with Aussie lemons, kola nut, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and lime oil. Using smoked water – as opposed to a liquid smoke flavouring, it allows for a gentle, nuanced smoky top note that builds upon the delicate aromatics without becoming dominant or overpowering.

This lifts our beloved Coffee Gin to new levels – hints of chocolate and citrus rise up and shine!


45ml Death Gin Coffee

45ml Strangelove Smoked Cola


It’s simple, you’ll need lots of ice and a decent size glass.

Pour over your Coffee Gin and top with Strangelove Smoked Cola

Give it a wee stir and sip away.

If you love a garnish here, we recommend a wheel of lemon, or lemon twist to do the job.


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