Affogato Freddo

July 21, 2020

Our ginspired take on the traditional Italian affogato has all of the good stuff: ice cream, coffee, and contemporary Australian gin. We cut the corners a bit with this one though, by combining the coffee and the gin together – enter our infamous Death Gin – Coffee infusion. We did it to save you time and dishes. And because who doesn’t deserve an after-dinner dose of Death Gin?

A cold take on the hot original

A traditional affogato is hot. But ours is…not. Let’s be honest here – warm gin isn’t really anyone’s idea of a good time. Being served in all of its icy glory is what makes our Death Gin affogato so death-defyingly delicious. And besides, change is good. Going from hot to cold, from a standard espresso to coffee-infused gin, will keep you on your toes and keep you kicking.

With an OG affogato, you’d eat the ice cream first and then drink down the sweet, creamy-coffee-goodness afterwards. But how you eat/drink your Death Gin affogato is up to you. At any rate, we like to do it with a spoon, a straw and a wild, gleaming glint in our eyes.


You don’t need much in your cupboards to craft our ginspired affogato cocktail. Much like the drink, the ingredients list is short and sweet.


This Death Gin-spired affogato is a dangerously delicious dessert. Easy to make, it’s perfect for entertaining guests, as a sweet treat after dinner or for an intoxicating ending to your Tinder date.

Step 1

Place 1 large scoop of ice cream into a wide, chilled glass or small bowl.

Step 2

Pour coffee-infused gin over the ice cream and garnish with shaved chocolate.

Step 3

Serve with a spoon and enjoy!


If it’s a 5-star review you’re looking for, then think about toppings. For the final step, you can always sprinkle chopped almonds or hazelnuts over the top of your affogato cocktail or even add a maraschino cherry.

Ingredient list

1 large scoop
Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee Gin
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