Covid Cocktails

May 2, 2020

Stuck in our Melbourne gin distillery during lockdown (which was not the worst place to be, we’ll admit), we had plenty of time to drink think.

And all of that Melbourne gin drinking got us to thinking – what are our go-to iso cocktails? And should we share them with the masses?

The answer, of course, is hell yeah! Because getting through #FCKCOVID has not been easy for anyone, and we think that everybody could use a drink.

1. Gin & tonic

You might think that a good ole G&T is too simplistic and safe for iso, but it isn’t. Trust us, we would know – our shattered dreams of frolicking freely through the streets were drowned by many a glass.

A G&T is like a warm hug. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar, and it makes the perfect antidote to the sickness of being stuck inside.

2. Strawberry & Thyme

Homemade sugar syrup has added some much-needed sweetness to our somewhat stale iso life – and to our fave Strawberry & Thyme cocktail, too.

Throw some strawbs and thyme in with a heavy splash of contemporary Australian gin, and you’ve got yourself a sweet little isolation gift that just keeps on giving.

3. Negroni Cake

Like the prohibition days of old, the serious restrictions in place have forced us to get creative. And what better way to see through our stay-at-home days than with a cocktail-inspired cake?

We combined two of our favourite COVID pastimes – comfort eating and cocktail drinking – to create the most miraculous of all miracles: a drink that you can eat. So everyone, please raise a slice to our beloved Negroni Cake.

4. Affogato

Affectionately coined ‘The Panty Dropper’, a scoop of ice cream drizzled with a shot of our Death Gin coffee infusion might actually be the perfect end to an iso date.

Our ginspired (get it?) take on the classic affogato has given couples everywhere the chance to connect from the safety of their 1.5-metre separation.

5. Death Gin Martini

With a martini glass in hand, life is bound to feel a little more adventurous. To spice up our days of living within the same four walls, we drummed up a James Bond-worthy Death Gin Martini that sparked the fire of excitement once more.

Cocktails for the quarantined

Being in isolation at our beloved gin distillery gave us time to reflect, create and apparently, bake. Was it worth it for all of the delish drinks we developed and devoured?

Yep, we think so.

Check out the full range of our creative cockytees here

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