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Need a gift for a gin-lover?

March 1, 2020

Obviously, the DG team are a bunch of self-confessed gin-lovers. As experts in giving the gift of drink, we’ve got the best advice on what pressies to get your gin-obsessed mates.

Deliver a bottle of Death Gin to their door

A lover of gin won’t say no to a bottle of the good stuff, and they definitely won’t say no to a bottle of our stuff.

With an original blend and 2 tasty infusions to choose from, our contemporary Australian gin is the greatest gift the gin connoisseurs in your life could ask for.

For those of you who aren’t giniuses (gin geniuses, get it?!) like us, here’s the low down on our Death Gin:

  • Dry: Our OG Death Gin blend is for traditional gin drinkers everywhere.
  • Chilli: Give your gin-drinking comrade a kick to remember with this spicy infusion.
  • Coffee: For those who prefer their espresso in a martini.

Go big or go home with a gin-based mixology course

Taking a class where the whole premise is to make cocktails and drink gin is every gin-lover’s wet dream.

As the friend to gift it to them, you’ll be first in line at the next dinner party to take their new cocktail knowledge for a spin.

Level up their gin glass collection

A gin connoisseur needs a generous glass from which to drink their favourite cocktail. And FYI, there are a lot of different glasses to choose from.

Whether it’s a highball, lowball, balloon, classic, engraved, customised or even crystal glass, there’s a gin-drinking vessel out there for everyone.

Whip up a delicious G&T dessert

We’re not telling you to go full Martha Stewart on us (we love you, Martha!), but gin & tonic desserts are real. And damn, they are good.

Cool down with some G&T icy poles or eat your feelings with a gin-based, Trunchbull-worthy chocolate cake. And only once you’ve had your full should you wrap up the leftovers for the gin-lovers in your life.

Load them up with the latest gin memorabilia

A true gin-ner (DG noun: person dedicated to gin) drinks the Kool-Aid. Or at the very least, they wear the t-shirt. Of all the gin-drinkers we know, there isn’t one who’d say no to a little gin memorabilia.

Think t-shirts, caps, mugs and keyrings. If you’re not sure where to start, keep an eye out for our Death Gin tees and caps – they’re all-black and deadly, just like our Australian gin.

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Give the gift of Death

Give your gin-loving friends a bottle of Death Gin and watch them grin like a badass MOFO because they know that James Bond drinks it, too (seriously, read the books).

Give them the gift of death, but the good kind, the deadly kind: the Death Gin kind.

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